Fans booing stoppage/Not Frank Mir

Frank Mir was involved in yet another controversy and the boo birds were all over him. The crowd was booing what they thought was a bogus stoppage, based upon Sylvia's reaction. Sylvia is a very tough guy and wanted to continue the fight, but he was hurt and would have offered little resistance with a broken arm or Frank could have continued to crank the arm and cause more damage. While I rarely boo anyone, I stood with everyone else and booed the stoppage. I wasn't booing Mir, but at the referee, who I thought blew it. When Dana White came into the ring, I actually thought they might restart the fight, because of the blown call. It probably also didn't help the situation, that the referee wasn't as well know as some of the others and I was wishing Big John was the referee. The replay clearly showed that it was in fact a good stoppage and Sylvia was spared further injury. Most of the people around me, also changed their tunes when they saw the replay.

Good job by Frank Mir, pulling off a big upset. Mir is always calm and relaxed and looked very confident going into the fight. I was pulling for Frank, but I wasn't sure how he would fare, based upon the beating that Tim gave Ricco. Mir should have been basking the glory of a great victory against the former heavyweight champ, but that moment was spoiled.

Good job by the referee also. The referee had a tough night, but he made the right call.

I'm looking forward to Frank Mir's next fight. Mir's fights are exciting and he is a very dangerous submission fighter.

Gary Hughes

I wonder if Mir will finally get the respect he deserves, if he beats Arlovski?

I know everyone was disappointed Mir took out Sylvia so quickly, but it was a sweet arm bar.

Gary Hughes

i too was like wtf! until i saw the slo-mo..

i really liked how rogan went over the replay to clarify it

congrats to Mir

Ya I had picked Tim to win, but Frank really impressed.

Congrats to Mir on a great win.

they should piss test silvia....he had to be on something not to feel that arm snap....
say bye t vitamin "s",say hello to mr heroin.....

Yea, they really shitted on Mir's win.

Buffer didn't even give him the, "AND NEW UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!!", line. If I was some casual fan, I would have asked, "where'd that belt come from?"

mikolinho....I don't think steriods played a part in the fight. Sylvia is a tough guy and very determined, he didn't want to admit he lost. I would try to fight off a submission, but once you get to a certain point, tapping is smart, letting your arm snap is not.

Gary Hughes

It does suck for Mir. Here he beats a guy very few people think he could, wins the heavyweight championship fair and square and he gets booed.

Oh well I'm sure popular opinion will change about him once everyone calms down.

Now on to Andrei!!

The people who saw the replay wasnt booing because they saw the arm break. They wanted mir to fully rip the arm off, then after that they would have cheered. After that they would have gone home spreading the word on how barbaric the UFC is and should be banned from ever happening again. People are morons like that.

I think Mir gave Sylvia a chance to tap. If he would have cranked Sylvia's arm with all of his strength, the injury would have been much worse. Mir doesn't waste anytime coming up with a submission attempt.

I used to think Arlovski would definitely be the champion, now I'm not so sure. I'll be rooting for Frank Mir.

Gary Hughes

hard to see the arm break from the stands. i woulda bood too had i not seen the snap

At first, it brought back memories of the Sakuraba vs. Conan fight.

One thing I was thinking about. Sylvia didn't want the referee to stop the fight, what was he going to do? He wasn't getting out of that submission and they weren't going to just stand them up at that point.

I thought it was interesting when Sylvia was asked about his arm being broken and he said, "I don't THINK it's broken". Sylvia didn't say, my arm is fine, I wasn't in any trouble at all.

Gary Hughes

The problem is that they kept booing even after seeing the snap.

They were still booing during his interview. It will take a while for the general public to understand submisson, if ever.

DevilDawg...I noticed a lot of booing throughout the night. The UFC crowd is a tough audience.

Lots of fans haven't trained and don't appreciate how hard the fighters are working and can't understand what they are trying to do. When I saw Chuck vs. Tito, I couldn't believe all the Tito fans that booed Chuck before the fight.

Gary Hughes

Props to Frank. I gave him absolutely zero chance of winning this fight. He better work his cardio hard before facing Arlovski.

Like I said

"They wanted mir to fully rip the arm off, then after that they would have cheered. After that they would have gone home spreading the word on how barbaric the UFC is and should be banned from ever happening again. People are morons like that. "

They want to see an arm snap and cheer. But after thier conscience kicks in the would be the first ones to say " Ahh man UFC is brutal and should be banned, thier deathmatches."

I think most would admit his odds look better against Arlovski now, than they did before he beat Sylvia. The UG was strongly behind Sylvia, Mir was a big underdog and most thought he would be knocked out brutally. Mir is a confident guy and will only get better.

Gary Hughes

Its not that it "takes a while for the public to understand." Its the fact that you put down 100-200 dollars for tickets, maybe put 500 dollars on the fight... Well if you dont see someone die in the ring, you want to boo, cuz its bullshit you lost your money.

BTW, these fans are idiots....but thats their mentality.