Fantastic blogg by Hansen!

It is a bit stiff and slow in the begining be it takes of! Great and funny read!


I promeise you it is a great read!

please ttt for hansen!

"Sweden? the land of the midnight sun, the land of the highly addictive energy drink Red Bull (I can?t wait to get one! Red Bull is strictly forbidden in clean healthy Norway). Sweden is also ruled under the iron heel of the dark high priest Bosse Ringholm, a leader of an occult ?Tulsadoom-religion?, better known as the politician of Swedish Social Democratic party. He has banned off all MMA in Sweden."

Awesome! lol

TTT for the "Handsome Hansen".





it contains some great stuff belive me!

Great read!

I told you it is a great read.

Hansen seems really cool. Hope he gets his battle with Gomi soon.

"Soon we cross the border to Sweden the sunlight turns dim, the sky turns dark and the letters on the road signs look wicked. We both know we will live this land in victory or death."

Awesome blog...Joachim is the man.

Joachim is hilarious.

LOL awesome read


This was my favorite line

"Marcus is pissed of at me, "you are not Ramon Dekker, don't hit the pads like that like that".

... Up yours Marcus, ill hit the pads as hard as I want!!!"


ttt for a great read!

I suspect he dosen´t have a great deal of money... But Norway is the most expensive country to live in the world, by far...