Fantastic Four movie pics!!

Man the Thing looks lame!..I hope they CGI him alittle to make him better looking..

Michael Chiklis who plays Vic Mackey on the Shield plays the

"Man the Thing looks lame!."

LOL..there's a MAN THING movie coming out soon as well.
Wonder what that one will be like.

I don't think even Doom can save this movie.

The Thing's arm is broken.

i was going to say that too liyon.....

oh boy....this does not look good so far.

I would have went with a younger actor for Johnny.

I would also have toned down the "sexiness" of Ms. Fantastic...she's always struck me as the hot girl next door, not someone who struts around with a perpetutual "come hither" look.

alba is going to be hot in it, but i hope the movie doesnt suck ass.

Unless they CGI the shit out of this movie it is going to suck donkey balls.

Or if Alba is naked the whole time...

i have always hated the fantastic four, especially reed richards, who should have every other character in the marvel universe kill him 5 times

Okay, I'll bite.....why do you hate Reed Richards?

Those pics look like crap thus the possibility of a crappy movie...

LMAO the THing's arm IS broken!

this movie is gonna bomb like the shit i had this morning

The studio just gave the production $20 million more b/c they felt it was coming up way short in comparison with "The Incredibles".

what happened to the first fantasic four movie?

I don't think it's possible to make the FF look "cool".

Yeah who's the writer?

Who's the director?