Fantasy ban

kanotao and kelly tripuka fan should be kicked out The trade they are proposing is downright cheating

u shouldnt be able to trade a fucking player who himself has said theres a good chance he wont play this year

Ok I'm not in the pool let me know the deal and I can be the unbiased judge.

Seriosuly, there's nothing to think about.

Ray Allen and RJ


Nene and Josh Smith

RJ or Allen alone are worth more than Nene and Smith combined.

Awful...The gerard wallace for amare is pretty bad too.

Just because Kanatoa missed the draft, is no excuse for him to act like a baby about it.

It was Joe Smith, not Josh Smith...

Which makes it much worse...

they should be banned

PTM, you must be kidding me. That trade is about as one-sided as you can get, especially with Nene reportedly out for the season. Even with Nene healthy that trade still has a foul odor to it.

foul odur ??Thats putting it mildly .Joe Smith is hurt too and even if he wasnt This trade is downright CHEATING.Pretty low to try and win by cheating

lol @ you guys for having me out and kanatoa in!



at least dont make it so obvious

now we've got two dead teams already

maybe we can have boudreaux take over one of them?

good idea grappler,we should let the dr choose the team he prefers.The other players should not be able to be drafted by anyone cause it wouldnt be fair.They should both be kicked out They obviously made a deal that one of the team is quitting.Boxingfan can we kick them out of the league.This is supposed to be fair play and Kanotao knows he cant win so he tries to cheat

not only that he tries to cheat with a Lakers fan!

Give me a spot in there, I'll clean up the mess with the scrubs who always have breakout years once someone on a team gets hurt.

Boxingfan u need to take charge and if u could kick out the cheaters

i gots no handle!


Can't kick them out. I can bench their players and freeze their teams, but I can't kick them out.

bench their players then.Hes LOLing @ trying to cheat.Loser couldnt even make a pre draft list so he decides to cheat.Personally I dont want to be in a legue witha cheater and as for next year Kanoao I think its pretty safe to say nobody wants u in the league

fuck kanatoa, lol'ing about cheating, and already tanking the season

as for next year, I wouldnt just let anyone join make sure you get serious players even if you have to wait a bit

I always come in a little late and almost miss out, drboudreaux is a solid guy who missed out while we get a bunch of cheaters in

winston, we still have a bunch of solid teams so I wouldnt quit on the league now

im glad to see Boxingfan is taking action Cant believe Kanoatao names his team Kanotaowillwin and doesnt even make a pre draft list or show up for the draft so he decides to try to cheat.If the trade went through not sure if id stick out the year I have 3 other teams with people who are trying to win without cheating Sorry for venting but was never a fan of cheaters

can someone posts kanotoa's team?