Fantasy Baseball League

What'd you guys think of week 1? I was getting slammed early but at least came back and made it close, losing 11-9. Now I kind of have an idea of what I want to do each week. At first I didn't know you could alter your team everyday, which was a nice surprise.

Shit, I'm sorry, I thought everybody knew that :(

You can't get too discouraged early in the week, a lot of times it's because the other guy had two guys throwing and you haven't gotten to a couple of your pitchers yet.

Speaking of pitchers, looks like the Cubs and Astros are even in the "starters on the DL" race.

Dun DUn DUhhhhhhh

i'm extremely happy with my team.

and i must thank Cousin Eddie for giving me PEdro. if he and schilling and brown stay healthy on the year and wells pitches like he is capable of i could have a great season.

Well, I'm sure by the end of the season, I'll be thanking you for Ensberg :)

Oh, and LOL @ Brown staying healthy all year.

I'm getting killed in my Yahoo league because (once again) Yahoo fails to deliver emails AT ALL and I missed the draft.

So far so good, it will be a fun season. Hey who tried to tade me Cliff Floyd for Carlos Zambrano? Man that would have been a slick one :). Good luck guys!...Joe

haha sorry joe

im getting in last place...if i lose 2 more weeks....i might think of trading Arod

jcuff - You got Zambrano? I shot you a deal this morning I think. Take a look at my team and let's work something out. I'm nuttybarsaregood.

lbc give it time, you can make up ground QUICKLY with all the categories going on.

Hawkeye I sent you a counter offer, let me know....Joe

Joe - I had to decline your offer. I'm already trading one of the guys in another deal. I gave you an explanation in my reply. Get back to me.

i want arod!!!!

pret...sorry i had to reject. im not gonna trade him anytime soon.

eat me, im killing all fantasy leagues

who is fatdumbandhappy...he posted a message for me.

but i dont know what hes talking about lol

lol - He's my boy from San Diego. I didn't get it either. If I think of it I'll ask him WTF?