Fantasy Fights...Add Yours

Just some fights I'd love to see but will probably never happen. Past, present, and future.

Bas Rutten VS Mark Hunt...One could throw a hell of a shot and the other can take one. Bas in his prime vs the Hunt of now could make for an exciting fight. I'll give it to Bas via leg kicks.

Chuck Liddel VS Shogun...Wandy would be to easy a fight for Chuck, he's wild and over aggresive. Everything Chuck likes in an opponent. I see Shogun taking Chuck down and eventually crippling Liddels will to get back up. Shogun via submission.

GSP VS Dennis Kang...Why not? GSP is a big enough welterweight to step up a couple pounds or fight Kang at a catch weight. Styles make fights and this one would be good. Could go either way.

Add yours

fedor / mirko 2
nate the great / franklin
baroni / lawler or riggs
suolev / franklin or salvarry
chuck / shogun
zentsov / drago
jlb / sylvia

I'm with ya on #2 and #3 BL. How bout Fedor and a clone of Fedor fight to the death in a cage?

have to go with fedor on that one...:)


all fighters prime

Tank vs Igor

Arlovski vs Fedor

Chack vs Crocop

Sak vs Rickson

Hughes vs Frank

Genki vs Royce

Hughes vs Frank.........put a smile to my face, damn good one