Fantasy Football: Stafford or Luck?

These guys are ranked 3&4 on most rankings. Who will have the better season? Phone Post 3.0

Stafford has Megatron, who does Luck have to throw to? But really, screw both of um, I'm a Giants fan. Phone Post 3.0

Luck has Wayne, Nicks and Hilton. Not Megatron, but better than he's ever had Phone Post 3.0

Ask manny99 in the fantasy football guru thread. He's legit Phone Post 3.0

I have Staffod ahead of Luck. I think Ryan is going to have a bounce back season and end up 6th. Luck and Stafford should be 4 and 5 with Manning, Brees, and Rodgers the top 3. Phone Post 3.0

Unless you are in a very deep league, or a league where you start more than one quarter back, wait for whichever one falls later. Once you get past Brees/Manning/Rodgers, the next 8-10 options are virtually identical, as Mike Goldberg would say.

I think the qb class this is pretty solid, i would be comfortable with luck or stafford, as well as dalton, ryan, foles ect ect Phone Post 3.0

Luck Phone Post 3.0

Don't reach for Stafford though. He fucked me in BOTH playoff weeks last season, I wouldn't want to see that happen to anybody else.

Luck, because he will get you points with his feet and his arm. But don't draft a QB until round 5. Phone Post 3.0

I'd take luck Phone Post 3.0

Luck rushed for almost as many yards last season as stafford has in his career and has just as many rushing tds in 2 years as stafford has so will comparable throwing stats I think the rushing would put luck ahead

Luck all day

I went with Luck. He's less likely to get hurt and he's more fun to watch. Phone Post 3.0

Luck. He has PLENTY of options to throw to. Not that Stafford is a bad option either... Phone Post 3.0

Stafford all fucking day. He finally has more weapons than megatron and they won't be able to double him as much either. Throwing to Johnson, golden Tate, Eric ebron and Reggie out of the back is going to equal a big year for stafford and the lions. Phone Post 3.0