Fantasy Football Week 3 Starting Advice

Hopefully you guys can help me out a little since i'm stuck and have gone back and fourth a million times.

Just a little background info - it's a 14 team PPR league

So basically i'm undecided on my flex players. For one of my flex spots i'm pretty confident in Bernard, but i'm somewhat open to not starting him in favor of someone else.
These are who I have to choose from...

Vincent Brown (SD) vs Tennessee
Giovanni Bernard (Cin) vs Green Bay
Pierre Thomas (NO) vs Arizona
Reuben Randle (NYG) vs Carolina
James Starks (GB) vs Cincinati
Charles Clay (Mia) vs Atlanta
Robert Woods (Buf) vs New York Jets

So like i said i'm 99% I should use Bernard on one of my flex spots, as far as the other one i'm leaning towards either Brown, Randle, or Starks...

Please help me out OG!

Check out the NFL sub forum. Mod Caleb has weekly threads and hooks us up with solid advice Phone Post 3.0

^^^ thanks, i'll post there too

gio then starks or randle

check the OG thread for advice.

ttt for more halp