Fantasy Football

explain to me how this works? what positions start and which positions are the first to draft. If you guys dont want to explain, just give me a few websites i can read about this stuff. Im a rookie this year in this shit.......thanks in advance of course.

Kickers go fast, get one quick, you can always trade for Running Backs later.

Jon Kitna is a great option at QB that will probably still be around in the second round, get him then before he goes.

Also, stock up on TE's, you'll want at least 4 on your team.

Don't forget punters. If they have a high net average they can really carry your fantasy team.

LOL nah im not falling fo this shit

Depending on your scoring system. Rb get most points, but I had Robbie Gould kicker from Chicago giving me 30 points a game and Drew brees Qb giving me 20 + per game.

i will be playing points, head to head.....