FAO Leigh


is there any chance that you would post your strength workout on here?

Im just resuming full training again and i have forgotten the spilt on the exersizes and would like to get back at it asap. Been doing a modified program for a while now to aid in post injury recovery but its horrendous when i attempt to roll/wrestle as im totally spent in a few mins because of the amount of exersizes. Time to make a change and crank it up.


I don't think using leighs routine will help you crank it up.

IIRC he just takes four weeks off at a time and gets stronger by magic. Phone Post


dude i'll assume you are attempting to troll me.

From what I can gather, his strength routine is basically 5 reps each of push press, weight chinup and deadlift, done anywhere from once a week to once a month.