FAQ for the forum needed

Hey @Chris. How about pinning an FAQ thread to the top where people can add advice on how to best use Discourse. It would make it easier for everyone to find good features and the same questions wouldn’t pop up in different threads.

Discourse seem to have a bit of feature creep. You have several ways of doing similar things.

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For example, subscribing.

The eye icon on the top shows your Watch list and most of your old subscriptions.

At the end of a thread you can change the thread’s notification status from Normal to Watching. That will add it to the eye list.

You can also set Watching as a default.

Bookmarks are similar, but you get to them by your profile icon. A bookmark gets you back to the specific post you bookmarked, instead of the last post you read. Plus you can set a timer to remind you. I guess it’s useful if you want to read through a long thread first and then reply to a couple of posts, but IMO it just adds unnecessary confusion.

I already started one & the usual suspects shit on it.

To be fair, I started it with a mean joke, but still…

Looks good to me, but it needs to be pinned.

Your sn is just associated to political threads, so you get shitposted by default.