Far Cry getting boring

I've had the game since it first came out, but I've only played it on and off. First off the graphics are second to none, best graphics for any video game on any platform.


it is starting to get a little repeative and it is pretty damn hard (for me) even on the NORMAL setting. And this is using the hacked quicksaves. The story is really getting old and the awe of the graphics have worn off slightly. I'm only level 14 of 20 so I'm getting close to finishing, but not feeling 100% motivated to complete it.

That's why I'm excited about STALKER, it sounds like a great FPS with some cool RPG elements. Maybe it will take the FPS genre to the next level.

My computer cannot Support. :(

If you like the game, I heard Painkiller is quite good as well. More chaotic but more brainless. Just shoot and run like Serious Sam.

Far Cry wouldn't be so hard if it didn't take 10-15 shots to the body to kill people!  Jesus, you almost have to unload a magazine on a guy to kill him.

Yeah that was frustrating. I completed it on realistic, and on the later levels it just wasn't realistic at all. What was really frustrating was how much better the aim of the enemy was than the player. They could run shooting their guns from the hip and hit you every time.

Also my respect goes out to anyone who can take 2 sniper bullets to the head and still be combat effective.