Far East training

I have a friend who does alot of travelling to the Far-East for work. I sent him the contact info for Kon (as found on the SBG site). Anyone aware of more groups he might be able to hook up with for some training?Thanks!

Thanks. Also ask him to try Vince at www.kdta.com if he visits Malaysia

- Kon

thanks for the good word Kon. Here are several more options:

Singapore: Hammerheadz Gym (Kon's)

Malaysia: www.kdta.com

Thailand: www.bangkokfightclub.com

Taiwan: http://groups.msn.com/TaiwanBrazilianJiujitsuClub

Hong Kong: www.hkbjj.com

Beijing, China: www.baxiroushu.com

Shanghai, China: www.jkdshanghai.com

Indonesia: www.jkdindonesia.com

Philippines: www.deftac.org/deftaccenter.asp

Korea: can't remember the address but look in the BJJ forum.

Japan: just google Japan BJJ

Good training & Happy new year


Korea: Korea BJJ. Contact Steve Capener at sotaebu@yahoo.com.

Japan: Axis BJJ--do a search.

John Frankl

Thanks guys!
I forwarded the info.Have a safe & happy New Year!