FarCry question

Just downloaded the demo. Pretty cool so far, great graphics, the water looks the best I've seen in a game so far.

Anyway I am having a problem figuring out what button switches to secondary weapons for the firing grenade launcher on boats and zooming in with sniper scope.

If anyone has played it and knows let me know.

Its normally right in front of you under options/controls, but I dont see it.

There is toggle firemode, but thats doesnt appear to do anything.

Isn't it right mouse? I haven't played the demo in a while. I'm trying to get the multiplayer demo. Some guys are beta testing it right now and I may be able to get it. I'm looking forward to this game more than any other atm.

It was X, right mouse is my jump and I changed it before looking. Very cool demo, love to see multi.


Hurry up and d/l it, I don't know how long it's going to be up for. Who ever leaked it is an idiot.