Farewell Strikeforce

Man, as I sit here watching the beginning of the final strikeforce, it takes me back to the Shamrock vs Gracie days.... Wow how the times have changed. They were *the* quality "small" promotion when it was the "Big 2" and all of the lesser shows. IMO, Stikeforce always did their best to put on quality MMA shows and was right under UFC and Pride. Pride, WEC, and now Strikeforce fall - How you will be missed. Thanks for all of the fine shows - Thank you for the *free* MMA of late. Finally, thank you for giving the guys a place to fight other than the industry giants.


Coker, you did a fine job building a brand and for that, I salute you.

It was awesome going to miss SF. Phone Post

Gonna miss it too Phone Post

BRZ - 

It was awesome going to miss SF. Phone Post

Anytime a quality MMA promotion falls it's sad.

We've witnessed some of the finest MMA promotions to ever exist fall.

Hearing Miletich's detailed assess, Mauro's not-so-witty one liners, and Shamrock together for the last time bummed me out. The mood should be good, though! I paused the show but will resume in a few. I hope they go out with a KO !

Will def miss Strikeforce. It always felt kind of different and refreshing compared to the UFC. Phone Post