Farewell to the GOAT..

Being in the UK I didn't pull two all nighters to watch the UFC events, and just watcher Penn Edgar.

The argument about the GOAT will always go on, but Anderson, Fedor and GSP don't really enter the equation for me. For 15 years I was an overweight diabetic not really caring about my health, Penn changed that, motivated me to get in shape, take care of myself, literally change my life. The last three fights he's had have literally choked me up, I wanted to believe this time, but what happened was always gonna happen.

The guy has been a true inspiration to me and will always remain the GOAT in my eyes, he got me both into MMA and motivated me to change my life for the better.

So thanks for the wars BJ, enjoy life and retirement, it's been an honour watching you fight! Phone Post 3.0

That's awesome that BJ inspired you in such a way, thanks for sharing. Phone Post 3.0

Wow! That's great that he made you make a change like that.