Fargo/Moorhead area??

Is there anywhere in the Fargo Moorhead area to train for NHB? I am a student at MSUM and any help would be great.


I fought in Fargo a month ago.There are a few places to train.I'll post back when I find the info


There used to be a BJJ/submission grappling place at the YMCA in Fargo. Not sure if it's still there or not.

Hopefully Miller can get some good info for you.


haha, ya well im not from here so maybe thats why.


yah eh?

yes they really do


Yes there are, i think there are two gyms acctually. E-mail me at gl_mma@hotmail.com and I will e-mail you some contact info back.

I have fought on the events those guys put on, they are very nice guys.

No they dont really talk that bad here. Pretty much everyone from here hates that movie though....ttt means to the top....thanks assassin.