Fast and Fearless Results?

Thanks in advance for any results, expecially William's fight, and Kipp's.



We've got a guy at that event, so you will be able to find results on InsideFighting tomorrow morning.

Kipp won FAST via Guillotine choke, which was his strategy. Eastern European kid's lights may have gone out some.



heard Paul won in overtime - can anybody confirm ?

p.s. hey Brandon, how have you been sir ?



Good man how have you been?


All the fighters looked great tonight! I tip off my hat to Marcos and everyone who worked hard to put on such a great event!

yes Paul won in OT with a takedown

Efrain didn't show up, so William didn't acctualy get to fight.

Yes, that sucks for William. He trained really hard and was looking great. Is that J-Man from OrlandoBJJ? This is Anthony the "old" guy.

Have fun J-Man. See ya next year!


Paul won in OT over Parrumpinha

Eric over big show 20 x 0. Announced 20 x 6????Don't know how?

Vinny over his guy by 8 x 3, I think.

Mike Lee lost 2 x 0, but had some TIGHT ankle locks, and his guy was seen limping around afterwards pretty bad.

Efrain didn't show to fight William.

The last minute replacement to fight Enricco ended up giving him a good fight, but, Enricco won in OT. That kid is exciting!

Kipp choked his guy out to dream land.

Oh, and Ricardo "Hellraiser" lost to his guy 5 x 0.

All the fights were good fights. Props to the match makers!

congrats Paul

That sucks Mike LEE lost though