Fastest Fran?

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That's a great performance!


I refuse to do kipping pullups anymore. They are the dumbest looking thing out there.

Killer performance though! ^^^^

by next january i'll give it a try. right now high rep kipping pullups are a no-no. hurt my lat a few months ago. I can do 12 chins now but i aint pushing it. build up slowly.

I'm going to be a prick and though I didn't watch the whole routine and
do admit that the time is impressive, I find fault with his thrusters. He is
not coming close to extension on nearly all of them. Extending those
arms to lock out (over the head and not in front) makes a difference. Still,
what he does is impressive.

I don't mean to call anyone a liar, but I would have to see a 3 minute 20
second 135# Fran to believe it.

Me too...

Me three. Especially if one cannot do kipping pullups.

FRAN is 90 repetitions of exercise. 2:19 is 139 seconds. That means
each repetition averaged 1.5 seconds! Under 2 minutes would be
unbelievably hard, as each rep would have to be so fast (considering the
distance traveled on the reps).


If it takes you about twice as long to do the thrusters as the pull ups
and the whole thing takes you 200 seconds, If my math serves me
correctly, that means you are doing the 121# thrusters in about 67
seconds or better than 1 every 1.5 seconds throughout the workout.

Once again, I'd have to see it to believe it.

Hell, I'd be impressed to just see someone do 45 reps of 95# thrusters
(good ones) in 67 seconds. I am certain it can be done, but it would be
fun to see. Now if we throw in the demands of the pull-ups...

For what it is worth, I am also your size and can do the pull-ups faster
or about as fast as the thrusters. My best Fran is 3:38 if memory
serves and that is squatting onto a Dynamax medicine ball or milk
crate (and for a 6'3" guy that mother is down there) and full over-head
extension. All pull-ups were chin over the bar and arms full extended
at the bottom. I cite this just for reference not to brag or say that my
time cannot be beaten. It can. I've seen it. Further, I'm just a family
guy and am not some stud. I'm 37 years old. I like my beer. I
remember what ice cream tastes like, etc.

I might be able to believe you if you have huge thunder thighs and ass,
don't squat very deeply, and stand about 5'3" or so.

I think there is definitly a place in athletic training where one goes through a routine like that as fast as possible and a little sloppy.

I think there is also definitly a place for those crossfit workouts that have very hard elements followed by very easy elements.

Basicaly, you cant do perfect form, in a very difficult exercise, at full speed and for multiple reps. Sometimes you train speed, sometimes endurance, sometimes strngth, etc...

By the way, I should not have said "locked out". What I meant was full
extension and what I see in the video is not full extension. Still, it is an
impressive effort.

I don't have much of a problem with his level of extension. His elbows are extended in most of the reps. The bar is a bit forward, maybe, but that makes sense since, as you get tired, a bar all the way back is liable to land on your noggin. Great effort. Wish i could do the same.


"This is one reason why I prefer complex workouts (such as Javorak's) to the crossfit ones."

The reason you cited for this quote is that the thrusters are too easy, and that scalability is less than other styles. However, Fran is an absolute exercise and a relative exercise. Ergo, pullups are hard for big guys, and easy for small, thrusters are the opposite. With that in mind, Fran doesnt cater to just a big person, or just a small person, but rather has something hard for everyone :)


There is an advantage to the shorter athlete in this workout.

As long as the shorter athlete isn't also light in weight or the thrusters are going to get nasty -- the advantage goes to the short square athlete, I think! lol!