Fastest way to $ in WOW?

I have finally reached level 40 for the first time (Gnome Mage, with engineering & mining). I have about 45gp, which is half what I need for a mount. It's damm embarrassing. What is the quickest way to earn g.p., given my professions & class (i.e. not pay real cash for virtual cash)?

Sell copper. bronze and iron by the stack. You'll be there in no time.

Also just play the AH, buy low sell high. You'll make money quickly.

Thanks for the tips.

"Also just play the AH, buy low sell high. You'll make money quickly."

What are some good items to trade like this? What stock..umm I mean item.. is moving in the AH?

yeah dude...i got a gnome mage with eng & mining....mithril and iron sell well on the AH....also sell some Mithril can get like 50s-1g per stack of 200....good money

"I've always had good luck with buying weapons and deck cards (like ace of warlords) for cheap and reselling them high. I bought them for cheap from the auction channel and resold em for a fortune later on."

I've had horrible luck with this, personally, but I only deal with stuff on the AH, not in trade channels. I mostly buy stuff that moves in high volume, like crafting materials. The bottom level stuff especially, cuz noobs mine/skin/pick it and don't know it's worth anything. Lots of small sales is my strategy.

(pockets Jonwell's advice to undercut him later)

I deal in rare weapons, buy low sell high. Weekends are your friends.

You don't have the capital to buy ME out homey :P

MMA.TV WOW Auction House Hustle #1

But something up at the AH way above value, but nothing ridiculous. Spam the trade channel advertising for awhile.

Log your alt in. Spam the trade channel that you will buy the said item, obviously at a higher price.

Sucker runs to AH & buys it. Messages you. You say, thanks but someone else just sold me one, sorry pal :)

Log your alt in, pick up cash.

Feel guilty.

Buy some epics.

Feel better.

You don't count STeve, you're a dirty cheater.

get the auctioneer addon

Just like TheAdonis.

Get a friend or two and run Scarlet Monestary! Usually pull about 10g a run in there...