Fasting w/physically demanding jobs?

I know there are a few threads out there and people are talking about how much better they're feeling; but I'm curious to hear from those who have physically demanding and active jobs about how they feel busting their butts through their work day without eating anything. Thanks

Slaves managed it. You'll be fine.

Drinks lots of water and eat fruit/smoothies for snacks to hold you over until your big meal of the day.

Worked at UPS and attempted it. Wasn't easy. Plus side is you lose way more weight than sitting on your ass and fasting.

I sit on my ass all day at a desk. I imagine it's a lot easier for me.

I do lots of water and black coffee. Supposedly anything over 35cal will take you out of the fasted state so that means no fruit, milk/cream in coffee etc. Really you can setup your fasted state whenever you want. If you want to eat in the morning and during work, you can...You would just fast after work til the next day. I do the 16/8 approach and feel good with great results 16 hour fast 8 hour eating window

Interesting link to a few different fasting methods.

Just don't eat. You don't need to eat all the fucking time. I work 12 hour shifts and don't have to eat. I watch people all the time, every 30 minutes, protein shake and a banana, 30 minutes later, eating a couple of slices of cheese, a can of tuna or a pack of almonds, 30 minutes after that eating some other thing. And then it's time for lunch. Oh, and another protein shake. Just quit eating all the fucking time!

It's not hard people, just quit eating all fucking day long. Grazing like a bunch of cows. Jesus.

Very few of these posts are addressing my initial question. Fuck it. I ate a huge bowl of frosted flakes a couple hrs ago and go to work at a bottling line at 3 pst. If he dies, he dies.

And you'll be fine.


Easiest thing ever to me, I work 12s and it's easier for me on a day at work than it is sitting around on my day off

I have a bulletproof coffee for breakfast, some days I'll have a little snack, some days I won't, and I'll eat around 830 after I get home and get my daughter in bed

Stay very hydrated, take supplements as needed, and you will be fine.

Coffee will help with brain fog

To clarify a bit on my previous post, if I'm super busy at work it's even easier than a slow paced day at work, usually I'll get hungry but not be able to free myself up for another 45 min, and by then I can usually go all day without eating

Just bring some food with you, I don't commit to fasting or not fasting, I pack a lunch, I just rarely end up eating it