what can you guys tell me about?

During one month out of the year I fast from dawn to dusk. No eating or drinking etc. until the sun goes down. Not particularly hard during winter. Can be a hassle during summer.

It is very good for you in many ways. SPiritually it is very powerful. I use the hunger pains to remind me to pray. I use the time I would be eating, or cooking, to read scripture.

I will fast up to three days on water only, as a matter of discipline. But longer fasts I wait til I feel directed by God, with external confirmations. Both for the duration of the fast, and when I should start. If you are going to fast over three days you should do so under supervision of a doctor.

I fasted for 21 days on just water, it was the most amazing experience of my life.

the rev

Rev ust finished a three day my self... It was a wonderful experience. The enmey was broken, and I was set free from opression.

very cool bro

the rev

oh, and I think you should keep a journal when fasting. Cause when everything fades, you still have a record of it.

the rev

Yeah ironiclly, or rather not ironically... I was keeping a journal just before the fast.. I need to add what happened during too it.

Rev - very interesting & cool!

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