Hey. I dislocated my shoulder a weak ago and am unable to do any exercise. I was wondering what are some good fasting or calorie restrictive programs that I could do for a week? I do not want to lose any muscle or gain any fat since I am not able to do any physical activity.

However, since I am not able to move due to my injury, I figured this would be a good time to experiment with fasting since I've heard everyone should do it once in a lifetime. So please direct me to any link or tell me any information about fasting or calorie restrictive program that I could do.

I am 160 pounds, 5'7'' and was at 8% body fat prior to my injury, but now I already have a fat belly and I do not want to get any fatter while I am unable to exercise. I normally lead a very active lifestyle, at least 30 hours of physical activity a week.

Thank you so much,