Fat Albert the main cause for the MLB deciding to move the All-Star game


Fat bitch


i spoke with a bunch if black supremacists and they think we should move the all-star game
-the MLB comissioner

wtf? how did we get here?
its not about money either. these companies are losing billions catering to the far-left. the twitter mob is a cultural phenomenon.


I wonder how these corporations have allowed Twitter to rule the country.


The only people that should care about this in a negative way, are people in the city where the game was going to take place.

That’s really the only few people who are directly affected by this.

Thanks for deciding that for all of us.


this is not even close to be true. a precedent has been set.


I don’t see how them moving the all star game directly affects me.

How does it directly affect you?

Try and think out of the box a little mate… and not so focused on just this one thing and what it did… now attempt to place this scenario in to the future and how it might go towards other things that the left cries about while misleading the public about things… It goes in line with what’s happening in America right now. A left wing commie, tow the fucking line, think one way… it’s bigger than just moving the fucking all star game. jesus. how doesn’t it effect me?


because more and more and more decisions will be based on this. both in sports and in government.

Capitulating to zealots, terrorists, cult members etc leads to more concessions and increases in demands not less, never less.

Like an irrational child, it now knows what it can get you to do with a little kicking and screaming.


Don’t lie, but you’re the kind of person that wouldn’t send your steak back if it was under/over cooked in a restaurant because you don’t want to make a “fuss”… not cuz you’re worried about spit, but because YOU don’t want to make a “fuss”. Tell me I’m wrong, I dare ya.

wait nvm, you’re probably a veagan

I respect a lot of you guys and that’s not going to change, but I get the feeling that some people just like to complain about things that don’t directly affect them and this might be one of those times.

If you guys are true baseball fans that are bothered by this, I can maybe put a little more substance into your complaints, but I have never seen any of you guys post or talk about the actual game of baseball in my “lets talk about baseball” thread that gets bumped often.

I can say, I am a baseball fan and watch full games, and while I can completely understand the (valid) point you guys are making, when it comes to how bothered is this issue going to make me? like I originally said, if I was in the city where it originally was scheduled to take place but was being moved for the bullshit reasons we all agree on, yeah I would be perturbed.

But that’s not the case for me.

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You mean like the MLB who moved the all star game from a major black city over falsehoods from their fat albert overlord… kinda like that?

Look at the difference of personalities between how you reply with someone from a different point of view and how I am. You’ve already got your feathers ruffled making up these hypothetical scenarios and pegging me as someone you wouldn’t like if I was a vegan.

Well #1, I haven’t had a steak in a very long time and now I want one.

#2, I would grill it myself instead of paying for someone to do it

#3, the only way you can try to make your point, is by inadvertently making my point for me.
For example in your hypothetical scenario, you introduced a situation that actually would directly affect me, ie a steak I was going to eat, would not taste how I wanted it to.

Yes, in a hypothical scenario where my food is not the way I want it and I’m paying for it, that I would be upset about and would say it’s justified because it directly affects me.

The day of the all star game, if I am grilling steaks, the game I’m watching will take place in a stadium I wouldn’t be at anyways, so it makes no difference to me.

I know for some reason you want me to join team “I’m bothered”, but with so many people always bringing up the “don’t be a Karen” liberals, I personally would think I am acting along the lines of someone who wants to complain for the sake of complaining which I’m not about.

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nope. this has nothing to do with enjoying complaining.

a precedent has been set. it’s dangerous. There are things im willing to take a stand on and things I won’t.

Nike and Buffalo Bills I am hopelessly devoted to.

ive admitted in other threads that i am lukewarm on baseball. it’s not a challenge to walk away from. It is something I loved deeply until the late 00s, but I am a part time fan at best in 2020. Football is something ive raised the white flag on. IF the bills didn’t have their best team in 30 years, I would probably walk away from that as well.

Basketball im done with. I used to participate in those threads constantly.

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Wasting your time. headbutts or buttheads might be the densest mother fucker here…

He thinks it has anything to do with where a baseball game is played…or he’s trolling… either way, he comes off as not to bright.

I was actually just fucking with you… I really don’t care how anyone feel’s about it. I thought it was interesting that the Fat Albert got the MLB to move an All Star game that would’ve brought in $100 million dollars to a predominately black area. A fat, black bitch came in because of these “jim crow laws on steroids” (which effected black people) and she killed off money that would’ve gone to a lot of black workers and businesses in the area.

The other stuff is fucking with you. I don’t care how you feel about things… But I can still think your point of view is moronic.

You come on here and say that we shouldn’t care about something that doesn’t effect us, yet this story is about the Major League Baseball moving their yearly all star game over something that doesn’t effect them… you think I proved your point? Then I honestly don’t think you know what your point really is mate.

come on mate, respond and defend your position.

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Completely get where you’re coming from and I can see your consistency. I also don’t look at you for being a hypocrite for not wanting to support the political nfl but yet still being excited about the Bills.

Unfortunately, I too used to be a much bigger fan of Football and NBA as you probably are aware with my NBA posts/contributions. For me though, it was all the kneeling during the anthems, Lebron James’ hypocrisy, and just pre-game, during game, and post game they’d bring up all these non sport related topics and it was very off putting.

But that directly affected me because I didn’t tune in for that crap.
I think that’s what has been a big part of why I’m becoming more of a baseball fan. I can honestly say in the past 2 years, I have watched NBA, NFL, and MLB seasons and NBA was the WORST when it came to political bullshit inserted into their shows.

Besides me not agreeing with their message, they don’t need to parrot my message if it’s not sports related. NFL wasn’t much worse but my issue with the NFL was more about who sponsored the NFL.

NFL it was the sponsors supporting their political message but NBA it was the players spewing bullshit political topics.

But if MLB is only guilty of the commissioner making a bullshit move for political reasons, I will concede yeah that’s fucked up, but compared to all the other sport leagues, it’s very minor and totally not enough for me to stop watching baseball.

Not watching as much NFL and NBA is making baseball that much more appealing to me. Ya’lls message isn’t lost on me though.