Fat Albert the main cause for the MLB deciding to move the All-Star game

Imagine being stupid enough to think stacey fucking abrams is a smart and capable leader.

She is literally retarded.

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First time I’ve seen you on the new forum. Glad you’re here.

The upset people are upset that I’m not upset.

I’m not like you all. Ie emotional

I’m not arguing the point I’m just saying if MLS was in the news about a decision based on politics that you didn’t agree with, you’d act so upset and shun MLS, when you didn’t even watch MLS in the first place.

Since you guys seem to feed off being upset, I will ask again how long until this directly affects me? 1 month from now? A year? 10?
And How will it affect me?

The all star game was moved. The fucking horror lol

I’m wondering if you read my long-winded response.

I pointed out that it’s political.
It’s not about the All star game, or even baseball.

This isn’t a sports issue, it’s current events.

I’m “upset” that the current Presidential administration continues to blatantly lie to the public on a variety of issues.
And before you say something like “that’s politics” – which would be a somewhat valid point – understand that politics actually do affect people on a much larger scale than the All Star game.

I don’t expect you to be “outraged”.
That’s generally a liberal trait.
I also don’t expect you or anyone else to boycott MLB.

I just think you kind of missed the reason many people are paying attention to this.
It has little to do with an actual baseball game.

The All Star game isn’t the disease… it’s just one of many symptoms.

EXACTLY this. It’s not about equality , it’s about superiority.

Only naive white guilt liberals think that overall black people LIKE whites or giving into black racist will make them “like them”

What we’re seeing today is wiggers from the 90s still searching for black acceptance thru saying “yes” to everything in society.

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Sounds like Michael Rappaport

Don’t underestimate her. She has been extremely effective at organizing. The fact that GA went for Biden is largely due to her and her organization. She has the support of many celebs and creepy scumbags like Soros.

There is a reason the democrats are fighting tooth and nail against these election reforms in various states, and it is NOT because it puts any unreasonable burden on people of color (they don’t). They want to be able to do ballot harvesting and have unmanned ballot drop-off boxes.


So she fucked her own state out of millions of dollars in revenue?

I’d put $ on her getting some kind of kickback from somewhere in Co for doing that.


Sporting events typically bring in millions of dollars to the city.

I was unaware she was from Georgia. Yeah she fucked her city.

Like I originally stated, the only people this really affects are fans who were planning to attend and the city as it would have brought in revenue.

While I am not nearly as passionate about politics as many others in this thread are, my views are the same so it surprises me more people aren’t laughing at fucking her own over.

Then again I wasn’t aware she was from there so probably others weren’t aware either.

You don’t want MLB revenue BC your political views? Ok dumb bitch, see ya

Dude you have a very passive and fem personality… Your attempts to say why others shouldn’t care, really remind me of my brothers personality. Not caring until it effects him… reminds me of that famous saying… First they came for the socialists…

They data mine the hell out of the people and do not have to spend money on focus groups

Like many of you, I read the thread title and just assumed the premise was that MLB was caving to appease this Stacy Adams broad, and I’m sure like many of you, I didn’t read the actual article linked in the OP.

I did now though and I would like to share this-

Abrams and Sharpton told the commissioner players would boycott the game if not. Sources say that Abrams’ current stance, that she is disappointed about the Georgia boycott, is suspect as she was a key player in the decision. James has publicly supported the Georgia boycott.

Abrams’ group and Sharpton also urged the commissioner to support other issues, including voter drives and H.R. 1, the For the People Act — sweeping election reform that recently passed the House.

Manfred decided the easiest way to deal with the matter was to leave Georgia, according to a source.

Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Robert Manfred decided to move the All-Star Game on his own after holding extensive discussions with voting rights groups associated with Lebron James, Stacey Abrams and Rev. Al Sharpton, sources familiar with the move tell Fox News.

She(Abrams) later released another statement. “Like many Georgians, I am disappointed that the MLB is moving its All-Star Game; however, I commend the players, owners and League Commissioner for speaking out,” she wrote. “As I have stated, I respect boycotts, although I don’t want to see Georgia families hurt by lost events and jobs. Georgians targeted by voter suppression will be hurt as opportunities go to other states.

Abrams could not immediately be reached for comment on her involvement in the decision.

So my understanding after reading the article, is that Abrams and Sharpton tried to strong arm the commissioner to back them on other issues via threat of boycott, so the MLB Commissioner said “Fuck you, we’ll just move the game to a state that wants our money”

Stacy Abrams is not happy about the commissioner taking away revenue via moving the all star game

Her exact words "I am disappointed the MLB is moving the all star game"

This isn’t going to look good for her gubernatorial run next year. She is distancing and trying to deflect from shit she caused. She and the left want companies to do their bidding. They hate corporations unless those super corporations openly support their causes.

HR1 for the people is the most blatantly corrupt attempt at electioneering in my lifetime.

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I was looking for this :laughing::laughing::innocent:

She’ll cry about the election being stolen from her… the press will run the story. And in turn will then place in the heads of the crazy leftists that elections can now be stolen… cuz she’s black. But for Trump’s election with mass ballot dumps and bending the rules at the last minute without proper legislation… most secure election ever. lol

I planned to attend because it was relatively short driving distance. I’m sure There are thousands of people in similar circumstances.

She still crying over 2018. So I’m sure that won’t change.