Fat boy Ninja......

I have a beer belly with the best of them......but I am not trying to throw down with some of the best heavyweights in the world.....show some respect and come to the fight in shape......my opinion.....

It was funny seeing his belly jiggle whenever Sergey's right hook connected.

He is the first fat ninja I've seen since Chris Farley.

I wasn't expecting him to stand and trade punches with a guy who had so much reach on him.

He did seem a little slower and not quite as sharp to me.

Ninja has never been as good standing as people say.He is far from Silva.It is just that he's chute boxe that causes everyone to build him as a great striker.
His power is only average.Ironically I think he may actually be better on the ground than standing.

He is definantly better on the ground.

I agree with Bill Mahoney for the most part. Bottom line here is that Ninja does not belong in with the heavyweights. At 205 he can be a force, at heavy the only way for him to come in is out of shape.

He's never been a sharp, technical striker. But he's always been a fierce, in your face, action fighter who just keeps coming at you. He doesn't have the big KO power but he's aggressive and ferocious and if he hits you good once, another and another are soon to follow. He was simply outmatched and outsized. Can't wait to see him again, but back at 205 where he belongs.

Needs to go back to LHW.

"I wasn't expecting him to stand and trade punches with a guy who had so much reach on him."

Given that his opponent is a subs wizard, that was probably a sound strategy. Sadly his opponent was bigger, and a more skilled striker, so it kinda backfired.


He definitely shoulda fought at his normal weight IMO. That fat hanging on his gut certainly did not help him out.

It was a silly idea that should never have been implemented...

Ok, there's some kudos to be had for 'stepping up', but Pride should never have allowed that sort of mismatch.........