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Hey guys -

I know a pill is no substitute for diet and exercise. I have a good diet and exercise as it is.

I am curious if you guys have any suggestions / online sources for good fat burners. Basically I'm at 185, probably about 11% body fat... and I'd like to look a little bit better.

I'm considering something like this -




Basically I'm at 185, probably about 11% body fat... and I'd like to look a little bit better.

You're kidding, right??

Shit me too

I'm not kidding - I have fat I can't shake around my my waist...

Is 11% that crazy? Maybe I'm wrong. We have a hand held thing around the office that I try every now and then, so maybe it isn't accurate. I'll check again.

11% is a low amount dude. If you can't see your abs, you got more than 11%

Under 10% bodyfat is considered a professional athelete, where you're pretty much full time devoted to fitness. It takes a pretty dedicated routine to keep that, and Joe Schmo in the office probably isn't going to get it.

If you have fat around your waist, either it's loose skin and you need to tone your abs, you don't really have it and just have poor self image, or your higher then 11%. Or your like 5'1.

Well - I must be wrong about 11%. I'll check it out later today.

You can't see my abs and that's part of what I'd like to correct.

Anybody have any opinions on the link I posted?

I've never been tested with calipurs or anything else - just the 4-5% margin of error things.

So... Imagine I'm 13% or 14% or whatever.

My point is that I'm exercising and eating right as it is... so I'm not looking for advice on doing either of those things too differently than I do now. Of course I could work out better and I could eat better - but (insert excuses here.)

So... I'm wanting a trimspa or hydroxycut or whatever type of product. I'm just looking for an opinion on that.

Hand held thing now says 13.5%... maybe I was really dehydrated when it read 11%... and I guess we're saying that even the 13.5% might be inaccurate...

Well, if it's got a E/C/A stack, aka a mix of ephedrine, caffiene, and aspirin, there's some evidence that they can help in weight loss. If it doesn't have that, waste of your money.

jbapk - thanks, bro. Any suggestion on where to get such a product? My impressions was that GNC, etc, wouldn't carry ephadrine products (by choice) now.

If your that low and you still have that much fat around your waist you may need surgery to get the results you want. But may be a little extreme.

john76 - if you read above, I misspoke when I said 11% (or those handheld things are just innaccurate enough to have told me 11% at one point.) I read 13.5% on it today, after people said I should already see my abs at 11%. So, I was wrong about that number.

I don't think I need surgery. I don't think I actually need anything - but it is just an ego thing to want to look slightly better.

Sounds like I need to find a good product that is a E/C/A stack... I just don't know where to start there.

I believe it's a state by state thing. You might call your local GNC's etc and ask if they carry it, or you might search online.

loook for Lipodrene. It's a little expensive but it has what you need

Barbell complexes allow me to work in an office, not worry about my diet and still stay ripped.