Fat chicks gravitating towards power lifting in droves

Joined tinder again for some awful reason and I notice a lot of fat chicks claiming to be power lifters these days which makes a lot of sense. They have an excuse to be fat becaus they compete as heavyweights with no limit and doing 10 reps in 2 hours is right in their wheelhouse.


Heat in the winter, shade in the summer

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No wonder I haven’t been getting any hits! Dammit Hillbo, you better leave some for the rest of us schmo’s!

LOL, this is obviously a LEARNED trait which they learned from Male Weightlifters which need T-Supplements because they can’t Stay HARD Cardio!

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for women it’s okay though…they don’t need to Stay HARD like the Male Hunter/Gatherer. Women are designed for the wide-hips, thick-waist, plump buttocks, THUNDER-thighs which are necessary for reproduction and the lifting required during house-hold management and kitchen drudgery

I like a woman with a powerfully built lower half. This way she can pull the plow while me and my donkey chug beers.


If Sumo was popular in America they would claim that too… these fatties are just trying to get some dick!

What a great excuse to not do cardio, lol

“I’m in a bulking phase”

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as it should be! In Primal Societies it was women which did most of the farming toil while the merry men gossiped out away from the village on their gay hunting expeditions

I’m sure you’ve fantasized about this many times…

the average “Muscle Burns more Fat Calories, U Don’t Need Cardio, Weights are All U Need” StrongLifting Male HuskyFat say it all the time!

Raskal… I have never went against you. But I think you must be thinking of a different hunter on the OG lol

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the GAY was used in the classical vernacular and not in the contemporary context :grin:



What the fuck is that again?

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Can you imagine 25?

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That’s 100% what it is lol. It’s hilarious hearing fat chicks talking about if they’re getting enough calories or not lmao

The fuck you talking about hunter gatherers? you PC geek.

“Dog lover” means eating a whole pack of hot dogs by herself in one sitting.

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