fat f*ck Liam - Must read!!!!


Forgive the title just part of the sick game Liam (lemon) and I play, I'm sure it's comming back 10 fold ;)

Check ou this thread


Its on BRENNANS forum regarding Liams plea for assistance cutting weight for his fight at XFC3 v Steve GILLINDER.

Must read stuff from one of the foremost proven experts in MMA regarding the subject.


ps - XFC's Tony GREEN is right up there for that title too ;)

It's good to see Brennan giving info like that out. I'd like to see Tony's take on that, too, since his info is probably more relevant to someone like me.

I'd like to wish Tony's info was relevant to me :(


I mean in terms of actual size. I certainly am nowhere near his condition.

Chris Brennan doesn't have to work as hard as some of us to drop the weight for a fight. I fancy Tony has a bit more to drop for 93kg than Chris and a lot more muscle to lose if he stuffs up.

Edited to ask: Why are all my posts doubling up?

BRENNAN used to be a competitive body builder too. Both have very good information to offer. BRENNAN at 155lb is about the same as Tony at 205lb in terms of cutting.

It's great that fighters have access to such credible knowledge form world class athletes.


was a good thread, unfrotunately i made some mistakes

Liam, you never answered my last question - "How much earlier did you make it (on the same scales?), and what did you do/consume in between to take you back up over a kilo? " Care to enlighten?

Knowing what you did wrong at the end could be very interesting for everyone reading it (or at least just me!) - knowing what NOT to do is often more important than knowing what to do... Thanks mate.

Diff scales I think daryl.

It is vital for the fighters to have access to true scales. Most reputable boxing gyms invest in scales that they haved certified and inspected frequently to ensure they are true.

As the sport grows MMA will do likewise.

Our scales are the official ANBF scales and are certified, no bathroom scales at the XFC :)


I am never going to be in a position to have to cut weight (unless my wife leaves me ;) but that was one of the most interesting threads i have ever seen . It also highlights one of the best things about the internet , that a local fighter in australia can chat to a professional fighter for great advice from the other side of the world so easily

Yeah it was an epic thread and a must read for any fighters IMO.


Ahh i replied to that, musta been before the switchover of the forums.

I did a test cut the day before and made it. For some reason the second time round my body just wouldnt sweat out and piss out the water i replaced from the test cut. Apparently thats actually quite common and is known as homeostasis and is why chris brennan said "wait until i say to cut to begin". If you do it too early your body goes into emergency homeostasis and prepares for "starvation"

oh and my scales at home/gym were diff to Justins accurate ones, which was my fault. In the morning i only thought i had 3 pounds to lose but when i tried Justin's scales it was actually 5 pounds (2.5 kg's), i was already dehydrated and i just couldnt squeeze the last ones out. Overall it was an awesome learning experience!!

Aah, thanks mate. The different scales thing has always worried me. Live and learn, eh?