fat , lonely,loser= whining fan

all you whiny bitches need to get away from your comps and go enjoy life a bit.

i watched the fights with my girl and some friends at the bar and enjoyed them all- regardless of the reffing and whether or not my fav fighter won or lost...

99% of you fools bitching about the outcomes sat alone a your computers with your UG browsers open just waiting to whine about something... get a life- really- you will be much happier

is that supposed to make sense walt?

sry- meant MLJ

I find that shit a little wearsome when I seem to enjoy every single UFC event, even all the UFN's.

"hey fanmanmma, relax and leave your cunt rag of a mom alone, that bitch whines but so what!!?? she sucks dick like a champ!"

Is whatever you are really upset about worth looking like an idiot for?