Fat lump on shin...

It's not that big, but big enough for me to ask you guys how I should deal with it. Any good info is appreciated. I'd ask on the UG but there was too much contradicting info there last time someone made one of these threads.


Don't kick with it again until it is gone either.  You'll get plenty more but be sure not to over swell it with more kicking.  Give it time and be ready for the next one.   

God damnit!!!!! So the massage it down part is good advice?!?!?

I am about to crash for the evening and so far all I've done is ice it for a solid half hour. Should I still attempt to rub it down tomorrow?

I use to wet a large metal spoon, then freeze it. once its frozen I'd use it too force the blood and swelling downward towards the foot. never force it up.

did you try hitting it as hard as you can! (jk)

DO NOT MASSAGE IT DOWN!!!! Please DO NOT listen to people who tell you to massage the blood away, Youll simply end up making it worse and last longer.

Ice the bastard, ice it, ice it, ice it. And let it rest do not kick with it for a while. Ice should make it smaller, but only really works in the first like 2-3 days. After that buy thai oil and rub it in, but DONT force any lump down!

Thanks a lot Somerville. I didn't massage it down cause I wasn't that confident in that advice. I'll try and find me some thai oil.

Yeah, I appreciate your advice regardless.

did you try my advice?

The only thing that weirds me out about massaging the bump is that you are essentially massaging a big honkin' hematoma, which (IMO) has a remote chance of freeing up some nice blood clots to take a trip throughout your circulatory system. These can end up lots of places--lungs, legs, etc---and (again, extremely remote chance) can cuase strokes, embolisms, etc.

I may just be paranoid, but my brother had a stroke at 33, so I ain't taking any chances. Icing it should work fine, I like to tape it up to keep the swelling down. Whoever posted about the spoon had a great idea!

lol to this day i still get lumps and divets in my shins.