Fatal Femmes Fighting 4 Pictures

Esther lin hit up Fatal Femmes Fighting 4 on Thursday for an exciting night of a female fighting!

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: The People Who Went

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Lina Koukov vs Tamara Parks

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Michelle Roody vs Franita Gathings

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Tammie Schneider vs Jenn Babcock

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Jamie Lynn vs Sally Krumdiak

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Breanne Vickers vs Emily Thompson

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Ashley Sanchez vs Sarah Schneider

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Liz Carriero vs Alexis Davis

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Takayo Hashi vs Amanda Buckner

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Sophie Bagherdai vs Carina Damm

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Teyvia Reid vs Lana Stefanac

[4-3] Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Vanessa Porto vs Roxanne Modafferi

A really great fight...

Fatal Femmes Fighting 4: Sophie Bagherdai vs Carina Damm
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 Awesome pictures tracylee.

pics look great as always


thanks you guys, i can't take the credit. These ones came from Esther Lin!

great job Esther!

great pics!!!!!!!!

super duper job

 Great pics as always Tracy!

esther you do an excellent job on taking those pics awesome shots keep up the good work.

nice work tracy. did you work so hard you had stinky feet by the end of the night?

Here's a nice takedown :)


Nice pix Tracy!

Soooooo Carina is going to EXC huh? I'm guessing at 130 lbs riiiiiight?

inf0, you'd be surprised. That ring girl, Raven, is a mother of two and still looks that good.


that is such a cute sweat shirt rara lol

 I had thought that there were supposed to be more fights??? Something like 16 rather than 12...anyone know what happened to the other four fights that were originally on the card?

Nice pics!

Her name is Molly Helsel, and Carina didn't whoop shit. That fight at worst should have been a draw. Carina's disrespectful, and cocky... I have no problems with dancing around after a fight... but not during it, and not to showboat... fucking fight and win the damn thing, don't dick around like you already won.

EightBall...side rail, corner pocket.