Fatal Femmes- here in LA!

I'm here in LA! I ate half a pound of turkey last night lol (can't get it in Japan). I came with Masako Yoshida and Yoko Takahashi. We're ready to go! Horrible jetlag, though. The doctor's was rediculous, but I have to post about it because it was kind of funny. We had every sort of test imaginable done- including the EKGs, but we were all in such good shape, that it registered us abnorbal. So the doctors were like "Okay, jump around for a few minutes and I'll be right back." So, after not having slept in like 20 hours on an empty stomach, I'm jumping around in the doctors room with that stupid smock on...but nobody comes. lol @_@ So after two minutes I'm through jumping, my heart rate goes down, THEN she comes back and tries to do it again.

FUN! :P And I had to do a mental test- she told me to remember Chicago, Bird, and 7, and then at the end of the questions (what state are you in, what time is it, etc) she asked me again. It was okay for me, but she did the same thing for the Japanese ladies. Imagine trying to memorize words in a foreign language. :P The funny thing was, she said "What's 100 minus 7?" After thinking for a few seconds (yeah I know, I'm slow at math) I said 93!!!! Then she said 'Very good! :D What's 93 minus 7?' I almost couldn't do it in my head...that took a little too much brain power for me. After counting on my fingers, she asked me 3 more times. Very embarassing, but pretty funny. Has anybody ever have to do math in their head for a doctor's fight test? hahaha

The other ladies are here or arriving today. It's nice to be in LA. I hope people will come watch us battle it out in the cage. Lisa Ward looks ready to go. I wonder who's gonna win, Lisa or Masako? Masako's pretty ready, too.

Oh yeah, Happy Valentine's day! No chocolate for weight-cutters!

See ya Friday!

Best of luck!

good luck....Fatal Femmes is a horrible name for a show though. Sounds like a latenight skinflick on Showtime.

fight well ladies!

good luck roxy!

Roxy, I'm so bad at math...I would have failed that test miserably! Best of luck!

haha good story and best of luck

good luck

lol There is a Valentine's day dinner (in 30 mins), and we weren't told that we had to dress up....until today! So I just spent the morning shopping with the Japanese ladies. Both Yoko and I are shy, so we were arguing about how much skin to show and what kind of shoes to get, because neither Yoko nor I wear heals and were afraid we were gonna fall and break our necks. lol

"Roxy, why don't you go skiing?"

Roxy: I don't want to get hurt.

"Roxy, why don't you wear high heels?"

Roxy: I don't want to get hurt.

The promotion provided a training area in the basement of a Buddhist temple. It was really cool and let us train this afternoon to stay in shape for the fight on Saturday.

Tickets are still being sold in advance! I heard from the promotor that they've sold a bunch already.


kick ass, Rox!

If you have to wear heels and you're not used to it, it's better to go with a boot style. That way you have the support to help prevent turning your ankle, and it provides more balance. Just for future reference since you already had your dinner... :-)

Thank you, armbarcity! :)

a more square heel instead of a stiletto will also help.

LOL @ the fashion tips on a thread about a fighting event :-)

Anyway, good luck, Roxy!

Good luck


Funny story. The life of a fighter :)

Good luck in your fight, Rox!