Fatal injury, need help

On April 14, our beloved friend and team-mate, Phillippe Leka, passed away following a fatal neck injury during a rugby game on April 3. We are raising funds to help support Phillippe’s family’s wishes to return him home to Fiji where he will be laid to rest with his mother in the village of Nayawa.

If you wish to donate, here is a link:


Condolences to you and your squad and to his family.

Condolences to you,your squad and to his family.

 Condolences. Truly a shame.

Thanks, we were able to raise enough money to fly Philippe back to Fiji so he could be buried next to his mother. We are able to send his long time girlfriend and his daughter as well


I was a friend of Philippe's down in FL. We played on numerous All-Star teams together. He was a great rugby player and an even better man.

Your team is truly a class organization for all of the efforts you put into getting him home. I hope nothing but the best for his family in the future.


Thanks for your words.

The memorial we had for him in Milwaukee brought a lot of tears and a lot of laughs.

The story I shared was after our preseason pub crawl, we were staying at one of our teammate's apartment. There were some girls there standing in the hallway and I was sitting on the couch (trying to claim it as my bed for the evening once every one left).

Phillipe sat on the arm of the couch next to me and said "Colin, we are both fathers of daughters and we want our daughters to be treated with respect. So you should treat those girls with respect and offer them your seat on the couch"

I honestly felt really bad that I didn't do it, but no sooner had I stood up and before I could offer my seat to the ladies, Phillipe slid in and passed out where I was sitting.