ive been overcome recently by feelings of pointlessness and meaningless that I can only describe in a greater context as fatalism. Why anything actually matters or endures is truly beyond me. Im going to a funeral tomarrow and there will be only 25 people there. I realized that when those 25 people die the concious knowledge and memory of this person will be dead. Any lasting records or writings can never be equal or do justice to meeting this recently departed individual. Therefore, any record of this person beyond the 25 of us at the funeral can only be inherently dehumanizing.

take comfort in the fact that there are millions of people that feel exactly the same way. Just be happy you still have your health because it can be A LOT WORSE.

actually i dont but point taken. Someone is always worse off but that doesnt make any of the suffering or accomplishment any more meaningful

yeah I understand that putting it in perspective doesnt solve anything really, but I m just saying, once you see everything as meaningless, think about mental patients who are imprisoned in their own minds, who want nothing more than to die, but aren't allowed to. Because once you see everything as pointless, you can still enjoy simple pleasures that do not need any meaning and they would still be enjoyable, take for instance talking with a pretty girl, dancing, eating a good meal etc. some people can't even do that, and that is what makes me truly sad. Not the fact that in the end its meaningless (something that I personally do not believe because I am religious but that's beside the point right now), but rather the suffering in the world that I am unable to do anything about.

then you move into some strange camus notion where the smallest things in life give the entire construction meaning and purpose. Life is absurd and it's not any better because I can go swimming. Because the value of swimming or eating or what have you doesnt compare to the protracted times of suffering.

well little things certainly do not give life meaning or purpose, but who says we need a meaning? Little things in life are not the meaning of life, but they make life worth living. You exist, and that is a fact. Suffering exists, and you are virtually powerless to reduce it. Don't think of life as some Hegelian structure that leads to some final state, but rather think of it as a short time when you exist, and you can make of that existence what you will. Be a good person, have fun, but don't despair over things you are powerless to change. There are other philosophical consolations that address the problem of death and ultimate meaninglessness, but I have found most to be unsatisfying.

This is what I personally think was one of the things that Nietzsche was trying to combat. Depression, nausea, etc. Basically, negative emotions/sensations/feelings. And the only way to get around it, even though you'll remain conscious of the fact that life has no meaning or purpose, that is if you are an atheist, is to be a happy/joyful person who works on securing more joy. Whenever I get joyful highs I think about anything but the meaninglessness of it all...

Actually, I thought Nietzsche was intending the Overman to be one of those people who have actually lost the plot completely and just randomly giggle and laugh all the time, as if their 'laughing' nerves were way to reactive/sensitive.

Not much of a help, but that's all there is for an atheist... Hahaha.

Oh, wait! I'm an atheist! Hahaha!

One of my philosophy professors arguments against

"everything is meaningless"

If everything is meaningless then there is nothing that is meaningful. If there is nothing that is meaningful then you can't possible know what meaningful is since you have absolutely no experience of it. Since you don't know what meaningful is then you can't possibly know what it means to be meaningless. And if you don't know what meaningless is then you can't possibly make the statement .."everything is meaningless"

It went something like that...

or he sometimes puts it a little differently.

Everything is meaningless? Meaningless in comparison to what? For something to be meaningless there has to be something that is meaningful to compare it with.

Anyway, I think your problem right now is that you are mildly depressed, maybe simply due to the loss of a friend or loved one. When people are depressed they often find the world meaningless. But no longer think that way once they get out of depression.

sc, what your professor said was very logical. Overly so.

Say if, thought was merely a product of the imagination (another case of order derived from chaos, I suppose, one needs to imagine words and letters, one needs to imagine a sound corresponds with a letter, etc), and one imagined meaning and meaningless, then the imagination would be quite capable of sustaining the necessary contradictions and such.

So the answers to what you wrote would be: everything is meaningless because, 1. I can simply think it is meaningless thanks to my imagination, and 2. I can imagine, through perception, that my reality is meaningless. As for the other way of arguing against meaningless, then everything is meaningless compared to what I imagined was meaningful, and this is simply done by contradicting, which itself is conveniently imagined.

But yes, everything you said about him possibly being depressed is quite sound. Depression can be triggered by virtually anything.

I am struggling to find the truthful propositions and the truthful conclusion in your post that would make your argument a good one. Maybe you can reword it a different way.

I wasnt really that close to him. It was the icons like the flag being given because he was a Capt. in the Army that bother me most. How he hated his education and the degrees that they represented as he died. He lived his life out and so so many never made it through WWII. I get a sick feeling in my stomach anytime I look at John F. Kennedy or Robert F. Kennedy because these are the men that should be dying right now. The handout from my grandfather funeral is right above a picture of jack and bobby. Some how we managed to kill the best ones and let the other ones live way way too long. Thank you Dr. Allison for helping to save this world so my peers may destory it in my lifetime. RIP