Fatass/Skinny Sunday 05/16

I didn't see a thread today yet so I'm starting this ...

Skinny bastard reporting: 178# today, up 4# from last Sunday!

jonwell, change my target from 200 to 190 ... gaining weight while going through intense strength training is hard.

F$%&... Here's where the frustration kicks in...

I had a killer week. Sun to Thurs I consumed 1300-1400 cal per day, and 100g protein each day. 1700 Fri/Sat

Made all my workouts. Weights x1/Biking x2/ Thai x1

Still 181. Didn't budge a single f^%$ing lb from last week. In fact I jumped on the scale thurs to see how I was doing and I was 182.

I am just going to keep doing what I'm doing.... If next week isin't any better than I will post my complete diet and appeal for help.

Hope everyone else is doing better.

Down four pounds to 218. I stayed away from the junk for most of the week and did some more cardio this week. Although I probably just gained it all back with the breakfast I just ate. Good luck to everyone

Dammit! Lost a pound: 156

Weigh in time 2145

Zulrik- roger.

Got the rest of you. I gained another pound :(

At the end of week three I weigh 223. My target for this week is 224 so I feel pretty good.

All of my workouts went great. 4 Bas and 2 Taku. I start my wrestling class tomorrow, and I am starting Scrapper workout one on Tuesday.

I was going to start Scrapper on Saturday but it was my friend's B-day so I decided to push it ahead. I know that I will need a couple of days to recover.

My biggest hurdle right now is more grapple sparring. I am having a tough time getting the time in. Oh well, it's good to have something to shoot for.

Thanx for starting the thread Zulrik.

Keep working at it everyone.



jon, you should have put yourself down as a skinny bastard. That's pretty could progression, just not in your direction ;)

I'll go weigh myself in a bit.


236.5 yesterday... sorry forgot to check in... still on the losing track but have noticed that my pants are getting looser... more than the weight coming off

LOL @ "That's pretty could progression, just not in your direction ;)"

I've been eating everything, 5 meals/day, the past 2 weeks just to gain the precious 8 pounds so far. If I started eating like a normal person ... at least I'm getting into the groove of this strength training :-)

forgot to check in.

I got down to around 197 by midweek last week, but I ended up at around 200 or 199 last time I checked.

I kinda broke my diet because I was travelling.... and I also had 3 whole pints of ice cream.

Doug, I could kill you.

LOL. Dont' sweat it jonny, im at 181 this morning. hahaha. I'm losing and you're gaining. We def need to switch.

Actually i need you to change me over to a fat bastard. I'm going to lose weight. Headed out to Cape Cod this july with my gf ;) Need to look good on the beach (ie everyday).


Alright, no problem.

All updated, I'm emailing the spreadsheet to doug to post on Limitstrength.com

Sorry I was out of town until today with no Internet access (shudder). I had no change in any stats from the previous week although I'm going to be trying a new deadlift 5RM later today.