Fatass Sunday- 5/8 or 9

previous weight- 201

current weight- 199 or 198.5, not sure. scale is weird.

cheat meals totalled a 20 oz orange and cream soda, small amount of steak fries, a Berry crushed ice-style drink, a 1/4 a cup of Mocha Blast someone else didn't want, and a large Frosty from Wendys.

didn't exercise as much as I wanted to, not enough sleep.

Previous weight- 230

Current weight- 226 I actually made up for my piss-poor start last week, so I'm back on track.

I ate great all week. Lots of vegetables, fruit, and samller portions for my meals. Tonight was my cheat night, so I had pizza and fries. I'll have a coke tomorrow with Van Helsing and that's it for cheating.

Workouts have been excellent. 4 Bas workouts and two Taku workouts. I'm doing the program he outlines on this page.


My shoulder is a bit sore so I haven't started the scrapper workout yet. I'm going to do one this weekend as soon as I get some advice from him.

As for my other goals.

I haven't been able to roll as much as I want between my lack of a car all day long and my main training partner not able to roll due to family illness I am not getting my mat time.

I am going to start my wrestling class on Monday.

So....Two more pounds this week, somehow at least one more roll, my first Scrapper workout (Shudder), and my wrestling workout.

RobRPM2222, when's school over?

Good luck to everyone.


Start: 184
Today: 181

I'm on target so far. Workouts went well the earlier part of the week. Missed on Thursday and then threw my back out doing something stupid on Friday. Anti Inflamitories have me almost back to normal, so I'll start with a light workout tomorrow and see how it feels. Eating throughout the week was perfect... loosened up a little on the weekends.

Looking to break the 180 barrier this week and get to 179.

Holding steady at 222. Not happy. Workouts were ok this week, but the diet wasn't that good. I'm going food shopping later instead of my wife, so I can pick out what I want. She usually just buys junk for the kids.
I'm going to hop on the treadmill after I write this then grill up some chicken and veggies.

Plan for next week is to lay off the junk cabinet and hit the carrot sticks for snacks and fruit for snacks.

Ugh, I gained a pound :( 208

157 up 3!

Which is surprising because I had a major session on
Friday night which threw my eating right out of

Note to self: weigh in time 2223

still 240. havent' been sleeping or working out cause of my job schedule. So I'm actually going to start tomorrow with the whoe exercise thing. I have started eating better though, which is something

I started at 5'11" at 170#

Went down 1# the day I started a new strength program BUT had a net gain of 4# this first week :-)

174# today!

we lost an average of .51 lbs the first week, good job. The people who didn't weigh in just had their first weights moved over. Second week is shaping up well :)

BTW, I'm a skinny bastard trying to gain weight. Target is 190 ... right!

I've got you at a target of 200 Z, want me to change it?

Damn. Where is everyone? Did they all give up and quit?

Is MuaySteve gonna hafta choke a fatass?

Is there a chart/graph posted up anywhere yet?

As soon as I eat the pile of cheeseburgers in front of me, so I can see my monitor, I'll try and post some encouragement for you guys. :D

Steve- trying. Me and Doug have conflicting schedules, so it's hard to get in touch with the guy.

And ya, like half the people who signed up seem to have forgotten.

forgotten to stop eating so much maybe.

I'm trying to lose about 10 pounds, but I had about 4 failed weeks of dieting in a row.

I made it through last week though, since thursday I'm doing pretty damn good.

You can do it!

forgot to weigh in yesterday... i am heading to the gym right now to weigh in and workout

just got back... 238

Avg weight at night at with training clothes and WL shoes on ~ 80-81kg.

Today I weighed in at 82.5kg :D  Up 1kg or so.

Target weight is 85kg raw on competition scales in the morning ripped.  So a weight of about 88kg at night at the club with gear on is about right.  6kg to gain :D


Late check-in.

Current weight 177 Target weight 175 (-2 lbs from last week)

Current bodyfat 16.5% Target bodyfat 9.9% (no change from last week)

Current deadlift 5RM 330 Target deadlift 5RM 350 (2x bodyweight) (no change)

Still doing the cyclical ketogenic diet but did not make it to the gym all week due to end-of-semester crapola. Walked and biked a few times.