Fauci: Attack On Me = Attack on Science

True enough everyone is pissed.

I’m not defending him here , but it seems that he initially thought the virus mutated from an animal to human in a wet market in China

….then later stated that he wasn’t sure and that it needed to be investigated on how the virus originated….

how is that lying ? What if he was telling truth? Maybe initially he was told by the Chinese that it originated from a wet market …I mean maybe he didn’t have all the information during the initial breakout of the virus and then later he had updated info ….

Same with the mask…maybe he initially thought masks wouldn’t work (based on emails) and then later after studies and some testing he got updated information that masks actually work and that is why he kept telling everyone to wear mask later during pandemic

I am just trying to be unbiased as possible …I know a bunch of trumptards who absolutely hate him and they don’t even know why, as well as a bunch of libtards who defend him and see him as god without even knowing why

He didn’t take that position until he was cornered on the Senate floor by Rand Paul’s questioning. Once it was out in the open that Fauci went around Obama’s moratorium on GOF research by funneling money to the Wuhan lab, he changed his tune. Fauci changed the narrative in an attempt to get ahead of the momentum of the story.

He straight up admitted to lying about the masks. He was worried people would “hoard” n95’s and that would rob medical personnel from getting them. The only problem with that is hospitals don’t get their masks from Home Depot. Once the supplies at the hardware and paint stores were sold, that was it.

And if Fauci was so willing to lie about the masks, he should have said that cloth masks worked as well as the n95’s.

LOL, I hated Fauci in February of 2020 when he and Trump were best buddies. Loooooong before Fauci became a political football. He got on TV on March 9th just 4 days before a national emergency was declared and urged healthy Americans to go on cruises (floating incubation chambers). This was also almost two months after he warned the Senate Intel Comittee that lockdowns were coming.


Florida having a 10 billion dollar surplus is white supremacy.

good find