Fauci calls the COVID a “prototype” in a interview

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Scientific term or Freudian slip?

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Lol, who falls for this shit?

There’s a strong argument for this dystopian viewpoint (not saying I fully believe this): In order for the earth to survive, there needs to be a mass global die off of humans. Sucks, I’ll probably be one of them if this actually happens. But it’s true.

Imagine a virus like COVID-19 regarding infectiousness, but way more deadly (very high case fatality rate) like SARS.

Did it come from a lab?

Is that you raising your hand? To answer your question: doubtful. Would you like to continue discussing prototype viruses or steer clear of that?

So you do not think that this is a man made virus?

So “steer clear” it is. That’s odd since you made the thread.

I think it’s very unlikely that it is man-made.

Okay, we can agree to disagree.

Usually I need evidence first, and the shit you posted is embarrassing.

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It’s better no traces of your genetics survive.

We don’t have to imagine, just look at smallpox

I think it’s been made clear it was either created on accident or purposeful via gain of function research in the Wuhan lab.

Yep. But this was clear in like December 2019. Not sure why people are only now just waking up to this.

Well, I think differently.

created on purpose via GOF research but released accidentally due to shitty safety protocols

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So you’re one of those absolute smoking gun guys. It has to literally hit you in the face with a frying pan? Gotcha.