Fauci may have had a hand in the Avian Flu jump to humans as well…

Ok, admittedly I may be making a bit of a leap here… That said, I had forgotten about this until the recent news about multiple people being infected with Avian Flu, which has a 60% mortality rate. Anyway, in 2011 Fauci fell under heavy criticism for openly funding gain of function research in which the Avian Flu virus was artificially manipulated to enable it to make the jump from birds to ferrets. Now yes, ferrets are not people, but they are mammals, and the jump from one mammal to another is far easier than it is from one species to another.

So a little louder for the people in the back… “Fuck Fauci!!!”


Another attack on science. Smdh.

Where’s the GoogleFagger when you need him?


Wait’ll you do a rabbit hole dive on the whole AIDS thing.


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Fauci’s great!

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He could literally be injecting the Ebola into peoples arm and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

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