Fauci: “my school closures fucked your kids up, it’s collateral damage”

Piece of fucking shit !


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Given the stupidity of the average person (I think they say most adults read at the 5th grade level) it’s more likely being stuck at home with the parents trying to “teach” them caused the problems

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So it’s the parents fault they couldn’t send their kids to educators?

Go stand in the corner with fauci you fucking idiot


Theres that awesome public education for you.


He needs to be dragged into the street, beaten, and then placed in the pillories for a month.



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Yep, a good old fashion lynching is too good for him


Same here in Canada. Saw an ad on Youtube for Ontario. public school system basically saying we fucked your kids but now we are going to fix the problem even though there is a massive teacher shortage, requests for speech therapists are up by over 300 percent and tutors 400 percent. Done caring though as most Canadians agreed with the lockdowns. You push a policy that knowingly fucks up your kids, and your kids get fucked up, that’s on you. Might be cold but it is what it is.



In the information age, if you’re stupid it’s your own damn fault

How many intelligent people do you run into daily?

How many would you let teach your kids?

So you think you can homeschool your kids at the snap of a finger?

You’re a fraud

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No. I don’t.

I think many parents in the US shouldn’t have goldfish let alone children

The fact the kids were forced to spend so much time with them fucked them up

We homeschool. Fuck those groomer libs that cant find a normal job.


You guys act like being a lifelong bureaucrat somehow requires integrity.

He knows he’s a rubber stamp, shame on you for not figuring it out.


You may be one who’s capable of it.

For your kid’s sake, I hope you are

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Never again, you fuckin gremlin.


Tim Walz, governor of MN, is running on his history of being a teacher and knowing what is right for students and the classroom, in his reelection ad campaign. Meanwhile he shut schools down, forced kids to stay home, has overseen the greatest reduction in school success in modern school history in the state, and he is going to get away with this utter bullshit because the republican candidates are complete idiots and don’t know how to capitalize on what democrats are weakest at. Instead they are out here fumbling 4 day old babies in embarrassingly awkward ads telling women they aren’t coming for abortion.

My wife does it. Thanks

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Either way.

If your kids end up educated, I don’t care who takes the credit.

I’ve just seen too many people who can’t tie their shoes “homeschooling” their kids

So, we get it… you basically hang out with idiots… this says more about you and your own intellect than anything else you are trying to critique. Sure, there are people who haven’t achieved your third-rate education, but this doesn’t make third-rate more than mediocre.