Fauci: “my school closures fucked your kids up, it’s collateral damage”

Lol at using the word “draconian” to embellish what he did. Even now trying to save his face.

He should have said that he was ignorant and misguided.


Interesting take.

Government shuts down in-class schooling, forcing parents, with jobs and no teaching experience, to do the best they can.

And when it predictably turns to shit, you blame…the parents?

You lefties really love your government overlords.


You clearly aren’t a parent.
Otherwise you would smack yourself in the mouth


That ‘take’ was really just a wise-ass non sequitur for effect… the number of parents that pulled their kids out of school for home schooling was not the bolus of the problem… it was the effect that moving to Zoom-based school had on the kids that was the issue…

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So we sacrificed the future for the almost-past…awesome…


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Not really we fucked them to by putting covid patients into old folk homes. You would have thought we would have stopped people from entering old folks homes and allowed kids to go to school but we did the opposite.


True. Shit sandwich all around…

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He’s a moronic boomer that has a shit take on any and every subject.


Better than those dangerous TRUMP Navy Hospital Ships

They were never used bro.

We Think then we speak. :+1:

Are you still waiting for the GOP, the Dems, Trump or some other to save your sorry ass?

Why did people comply FFS.

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Nah. What I like is people coming face to face with the fact that education is not valued and people look at schools as childcare

Do your kids go to school?

Fauci, a life long Deep State criminal, inadvertently caused some good…. Alot of parents took their kids out of public schools after lockdowns due to totalitarian vaccine/mask/social distancing rules from the cucked US indoctrination system. Many of those kids will grow up free thinking, productive, non leftists due to this.

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Little man bad!

You’ll die on any hill so long as the flag is blue, eh?

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i recognized early I’d be too impatient to teach him.

public school thru high school and a state college