Fauci: “my school closures fucked your kids up, it’s collateral damage”


i just like pointing out to people that they are not as smart/good looking/strong/capable as they think they are

Because they are pussies… I didn’t comply.

No spike cells or mRNA turning DNA into shit for this guy!


Then let’s stop paying school taxes and let’s see how this all pans out. I’d be fine if I had to home-school my kids, let’s see how the inner city folks do with it.

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the average american reads at an 8th grade level and does math at the 6th grade level.

congratulations, you are home schooling the next crop of amazon warehouse workers

That… and you’d be too stupid.


they’ll be as bad as everyone else

Not fair, those schools are half staffed…

Teachers are some of the dumbest people I’ve ever met, just look at what they’ve produced over the last 25 years.

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and that was compounded by the fact many parents discipline for shit

Said the guy too undisciplined to teach his kid…

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i am a parent.

i’ve watched other parents.

i’ve been underwhelmed

The recources these days are very cheap… an only fans single mom can afford to sit their kid in front of automated curriculum that absolutely destroys the dogshit public schools in the USA. The kid may not be a genius but it won’t be brainwashed, drugged or genderized…


best of luck with that.

amazon is hiring

i knew i’d be shit at it

someone said “know thyself”

teaching children english is not my strong suit

Some of these courses are free… take a few weeks and work through them online and you might be able to advance on from your amazon job with more skills…

No substitute for hard work and developing core math, english and engineering competency.

oh my parents weren’t stupid enough to think they could teach me.

i was shuttled off to a shit public school but did ok despite it

are you still waiting for the govt to save you?