Favorite all time matches

What are your all time favorite matches to watch(any federation)?
Mine are in no particular order:

Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm(ECW Anarchy rules 99)

Any Jerry Lynn vs. RVD

Dean Malenko vs. Ultimo Dragon(WCW Starcade 96)

Perry Saturn vs. Kris Kanyon(Great American Bash 96)(I think)

Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect (Summerslam 91)

I would say the best match I've ever seen was 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Shane Douglas, just before Shane went to the WWF. I think it was for the ECW title.

RVD vs. Jerry Lynn in ECW
Benoit vs. Angle in WWF

Malenko vs. Guerrero in ECW

Way too many.

BamBam Bigelo vs. RVD in ECW

Super Crazy vs. Tajiri in ECW

Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka anywhere

First War Games match (the Match Beyond).

Bret vs. Austin, submission match.

Flair vs Sting (Clash of the Champions)
Flair vs Steamboat (all 3 from 1989)
Steamboat vs Savage (WMIII)
Hart vs Hennig (SM'91)
Hart vs Smith (SM'92)
Michaels vs Hall (Ladder match (WMX)
Flair vs Koloff (GMB'85)
Hart vs Austin (SS'96 & WMXIII)
Hart vs Benoit (Owen Hart tribute in '99)
Bulldogs vs Dream Team (WMII)
Steiners vs Williams & Gordy (BB'92)

Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man - Kennel From Hell match

Trish Stratus vs. Jackie Gayda

I kind of liked Hogan Vs Ultimate Warrior

Any Misawa/Kawada match

Flair vs Koloff ('85)
Flair vs Sting ('88)
Flari vs Luger ('88)
Flair vs Steamboat ('89)
Flair vs Steamboat ('89)
Flair vs Steamboat ('89)
Flair vs Funk ('89)
Flair vs Funk ('89)
Steamboat vs Savage ('87)
Bulldogs vs Dream Team ('86)
Steiners vs Sting/Luger ('91)
Liger vs Pillman ('92)
Hart vs Hennig ('91)
Hart vs Bulldog ('92)
Hart vs Flair ('92)
Hart vs Owen ('94)
Hart vs Nash ('95)
Hart vs Austin ('96)
Hart vs Austin ('97)
Hart vs Benoit ('99)
Michaels vs Hall ('94)
Michaels vs Hall ('95)
Douglas vs Funk vs Sabu ('94)
Sabu/Taz vs Public Enemy ('95)
Eliminators vs Sabu/RVD vs Gangstas ('96)
Sabu vs Taz ('97)
Douglas vs Bigelow ('97)
RVD vs Lynn ('99)
RVD vs Lynn ('99)
Undertaker vs Foley ('98)
Austin vs Jericho vs Benoit ('01)
Hardys vs Dudleys vs E/C ('00)
Hardys vs Dudleys vs E/C ('00)
HHH vs Foley ('00)
HHH vs Foley ('00)

Wish I saw the Dynamite Kid (Tom Billington) v. Tiger Mask (Sayama) matches from the '80s :(

The Billington/Sayama program was ahead of it's time. The two had already worked to perfect their matches countless times in England before Sayama grabbed the Tiger Mask gimmick. I'm sure 'Sammy Lee' doesn't regret the career move.

Their Japanese program would have been more interesting had Tom pinned Sayama at least once. Below is a link to a comp I'd recommend:


i was kind of partial to the whole warrior v rude rivalry from the late 80's

Thanks McCandayass

- (LOL at the "I was kind of partial to the whole Warrior vs Rude rivalry from the late 80s)

"Flair vs Koloff (GMB'85)"

Was that the one where Koloff was beating Flair down, but Dusty Rhodes climbed the fence to interfere so Koloff wouldn't win the title, and some of the 4 Horsemen came in and beat Rhodes down?

If so, great match.