Favorite bareknuckle fights

Silva-dilson filho is mine

honestly I avent seen enough to have a favorite



Silva/Dilson, Gracie/Kimo and Harold Howard/Jennum.

My grandfather assures me the greatest bare knuckle match was between Gentleman Jack Johanson and Dangerous Dan Dawson in nineteen diggity seven. Dawson was KOed in the 247th round.

Balboa vs. Gunn

Silva/Dilson and Silva/Mariano are two that immediately jump to mind.

Jennum Bowen was good too.


"Silva-dilson filho is mine"

They wore gloves.

LOL. But under the gloves and the tape, their knuckles were bare.

Any Philo Bedoe fight.

I don't know man, I lost a lot of money on the Bedoe/ Tank Murdock fight, and don't get me started on that bullshit draw.  

I used to beat up my sister.

Pat Smith had a good fight in WVC, not sure what #. Igor ended up winning the tourney, but a lot of guys dropped out or quit from injury. Pat Smith broke his hand but was really punishing his opponent.