favorite berserker mode moment?

That moment where one or both of the fighters just goes into crazy mode? I was watching the ufc ultimate knockouts and this clip reminded me why chuck liddell is so awesome.


I know vitor has one and dan severn has that famous moment.

Any more i cant think of?

Rothwell vs vera
wand vs yuki kondo
lauzon vs gabe Phone Post

Devlin - Rothwell vs vera
wand vs yuki kondo
lauzon vs gabe Phone Post

hahah that rothwell moment was great.

i just watched that wanderlei one. the head stomps were scary back then.

lesnar at the beginning of cain fight


him charging at cain like a bull and then flying kneeing him and double legging him to the mat

Anderson vs okami Phone Post 3.0

Hughes vs Trigg 2 - post nut shot slam Phone Post

Wand vs Rampage 1

Wand vs Stann

Wand vs Fujita

Wand vs Cung Le

Wand vs Jardine

Wan.......Aww fuck it, lets just say "Wanderlei Silva's career".

These aren't Berserker moments, but are rage induced.

Ryan Gracie after beating Oyama.
Rampage/Wand in the ring after the Randelman defeat.
The Coleman/Chutebox brawl after Shogun's broken arm.
Vitor being hoisted up by his entourage after his victory in "the beginning"
Tank/Duarte and the T-shirt
Ken verbally thrashing Tito after the Mezger defeat.
Not to derail, just reminiscing... Phone Post

Frye vs Takayama...both went apeshit. Phone Post 3.0

Ok you beat me, Sims vs Mir Phone Post 3.0

And the entire Dan Henderson vs Fedor fight

My love for you is like a truck berserker, would you like to making fuck berserker!

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Diego didn't land a single punch in either exchange.
But man does diego have a chin Phone Post 3.0

Boetsch vs okami Phone Post 3.0

Marquardt vs Gouveia comes to mind Phone Post 3.0

Botesh (spelling) vs Okami has to be up there, he was losing that fight badly before he flicked the switch Phone Post

Frye - Takayama....as tough as it gets... Phone Post