Favorite Cartoon Based Video Game

List your top three favorite Cartoon based video games here.

1. Ducktales NES

2. Tiny Toon Adventures (buster busts loose)  SNES

This game had some awesome levels and cut scense.  I remember a star wars level, and one where you played football I believe as Taz.

3. Darkwing Duck NES

I probably could have searched to see if a thread has been created list this before, but any video game topic should deserve its own thread.

Try and post pictures with your responses, and keep it Cartoon based!

 And by that post I just realized I just re-newed my pro membership with a long lost mma.tv account and not my 04.  Dammit!!!!

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The Lion King game was amazing.

Yeah, Lion King was good.

Good call- completely forgot about that game! Phone Post


Played this with my younger brother alot, great game.

Pretty obscure comic, but hey...

Earthworm Jim!

Ren and Stimpy - not sure if good game but recall enjoying it as kid

Simpsons Hit & Run

^ hit and run was awesome.

The latest simpsons game on this gen of consoles was pretty good too.

Aladdin for the Genesis was badass.

Aladdin was amazing. I remember the snes version was not nearly as good. Phone Post

The SNES Aladdin was a different game, but it was still good just a bit too easy.

Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion was good too.

What system was be Mickey mouse game for? I just remember mickey mousecapades for nes. Talk about a difficult game. I recently watched a walkthrough of it on YouTube, and it brought back memories. Phone Post


I enjoyed Aladdin a lot as well

Kingdom Hearts was a great re-working of Disney.

It was cool to kick ass with Dumbo.

Afro Samurai FTW

rescue rangers was awesome