Favorite control systems in gaming

I thought about this today while playing one game, and wishing they had implemented their aiming system the same as a different game did.

Sometimes the way a developer comes up for controlling the environment just works.

By control systems, I mean any way you interact with the gaming environment.  Be it through control of your character, control of the environment, methods of viewing, etc.

The first ones that come to mind for me as great implementations:

1.) Red Dead Redemption - The Dead Eye aiming system

2.) Batman - Arkham Games - The Detective viewing mode

3.) Prince of Persia - The rewind time power

Batman, all around, had some very nicely tuned controls.

I really liked what Heavy Rain had to offer.

Bioshock 2 has some great general fps controls.

I really like Bioware's interaction with collectibles/investigative objects/etc as well as dialogue.

Just Cause 2 has the best sandbox action controls imo. Fucking grappling hook baby!

Fallout's V.A.T.S. is great but definitely makes the games waaaay easier than if it wasn't there. I use V.A.T.S 99% btw, love it.

Games I really don't like just because of controls or movement or world interaction etc: Killzone series, Skate series, Brink...all I can think of right now Phone Post

Also, Metroid Prime and all its viewing modes and controls was fucking fun and really made that game.

Another great series for solid controls back in its prime: Tony Hawk Pro Skater, I think 2 through 4 maybe...fucking great games Phone Post