Favorite D&D world setting?

Greyhawk? Forgotten Realms? Dragonlance? Ravenloft? Dark Sun? Al-Qadim? Kara-Tur?

It's hard for me to pick... I'm probably going to say dragonlance, just because the entire story was such a big part of my gaming world. reading teh books, playing the modules.. then playing the world when the hardback book came out.

I love RL and DS..I also love Dragonlance..I grew up reading the books!!But it would be Forgotten Realms also for me..

When the box set came out awhile back my friend bought it and it was awesome!!..just a whole made up world which i believe was really a first for its time??..So that would be my Fav..

It's funny, because I have so much material for the FR, but I just never really got into the campaign..

Yeah. what i like about FG is how much of the books from Salvatore dark elf books to the Elimister books were based on FG.. So if u wanted to play in icewind dale you could find it in the FG handbook..

Aside from these, a good friend of mine created a very cool campaign world setting and it was one of my favorite gaming experinces.


I created my own setting and even made huge color maps and wrote intricate histories for it.

Krynn. I like the way its set up.

Darksun was great. For the most part we played in our own made up worlds.

Planescape was kinda fun.

What was the name of that failed abortion of DnD in space?

It was muy ghey...

Spelljammer was awful...

and Al-Qadim was highly underrated.

Krynn all the way. Forgotten realms in 2nd because of its high magic world.. less is more.

I actually liked Dark Sun a lot. Of course, I was a young teenager at the time. It was a pretty gritty, depressing world, though, and that made it cool.

Al-Qadim was cool to play!!!!

I like Kryyn because of the wizard and cleric councils. spellcasters are rare on this world and since high magic is uber over melee I think this can be controlled in Krynn.

unless of course your a magic-gifted meglomaniac with god-like ambitions....

I thought planescape was worthless..

BIC!!!! are you talking about the dragonlance setting they put out last year or the one from like 10 years ago..I have the book from 10 yrs ago..I did'nt know they just released a book last year!!..wow..here is a pic from it

lol @ 10 years ago..

more like almost 20 years ago bro. 1987

10 years ago they brought it out in the 2e and of course now they have the 3e stuff..

i feel old :P