Favorite Deer Steak Recipe?

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Ground deer is much better than beef in chili, spaghetti, etc. It is firmer and texture is better.

This is the reason I am trying it again. A friend made a chili with ground deer when they came visit us over the summer. It was the best chili I have ever had.

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My family doesn’t buy beef. We eat elk 100% other than chicken/fish. The “gamey” flavor is actually the taste of wild red meat and delicious. My kids prefer elk to beef, not even close. 


As for how to cook “steak”… is it back strap, tenderloin, or other cuts? That matters when choosing how to cook it.


If strap or loin, don’t slice it until after cooking. We butcher our own elk and leave large pieces or loin or strap without slicing. Marinate if you want (4 hours). Pull out of fridge an hour before and get it to room temp. Dry and then coat it with dry rub or just salt. 

Grill on top rack at 235 until internal temp is 135°. Then reverse sear with cask iron and butter/sprigs. Slice and enjoy a wild steak the way it’s supposed to taste. 


There’s no beating a wild steak when it’s cooked right. 


I got one elk in the freezer and another to go in December. 

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Make some stuffing with pears and Pomegranate, and pecans.. Triple P stuffing. 

1 - Deer Steak

1 - 16oz Beef Ribeye steak




1)  Take deer steak, and throw it in the trash.

2)  Take beef ribeye and season liberally with salt

3)  Let sit in fridge for at least 45 minutes

4)  Remove from fridge and grill until medium rare, rest 7 miuntes

5)  Season with pepper

6)  Serve

Lol, no. 

It’s a steak. Cook it exactly like a good steak and enjoy. Seared. Medium rare. It’s easy. No reason to fuck it up 

I ended up cooking the steaks medium rare and ate half as a regular steak and put the rest in salad. It was great. I don’t know what kind of deer I had before but this was a pleasant experience unlike before.